Rust never sleeps and once it gets going, it can adversely affect car's performance and lifespan.

The sun's powerful ultraviolet rays will cause your vehicle's paint to fade.

Spilled coffee or a child's sloppy snack are mishaps that challenge your car's interior, along with unexpected mishaps like a hockey skate cut or a tear from a forgotten pocket object.

Keep your vehicle looking new with Platinum shield protection:

Rust control module

Guarantees against rust perforation that occurs from the inside out. The module generates a repetitive pulsing surface current which reduces the oxidation of metal.

Paint protection

Guarantees against excessive discoloration and fading caused by the sun and road salt. Upgrade also available which protects your vehicle against damage caused by acid rain, tree sap and bird droppings.

Interior protection

Guarantees against seat stains due to spills on fabric and guarantees against cracking and hardening of leather.

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Imagine not being able to work because of an illness or injury. If you pass away, would you be putting an additional financial burden on your family?

First Canadian Insurance helps assure that in the event of your covered death or disability the insured vehicle payments will be made to your lender to reduce or eliminate debt.

Payment Coverage:

Your monthly payments are made if you are unable to work, until you return to work or vehicle is paid off. Payment coverage relieves the financial burden and stress of making payments with reduced income.

Payout Coverage:

The insured balance owing at date of death is paid to the creditor. This provides your family with an asset as opposed to a liability.


  • Premiums are calculated based on your financed amount, NOT on age.
  • No medical exam is required.
  • Enrolment is voluntary and made available at the time your loan or leasing agreement commences, so premiums can be included in financing as an easy payment.
  • Benefit payments are tax-free, paid directly to the lender and never have to be re-paid.
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With unwavering commitment to quality, Hyundai is dedicated to ensuring a safe and smooth ride for the journey. However, even the most well-built vehicles may require repairs due to unexpected mechanical breakdowns. Hyundai Extended Protection extends your peace of mind and provides exceptional breakdown protection coverage when the original factory warranty expires. Our Premium plus plan is the complete continuation of the manufacturer's factory warranty including Roadside assistance, with a $0 deductible. Additional benefits include trip interruption and a car rental benefit from the moment you drive your vehicle off the lot.

We have a variety of plans available including:

  • 6y/200,000
  • 7y/120,000
  • 7y/140,000
  • 8y/160,000
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Road hazards can destroy your tires and wheels.

Platinum tire & rim protection covers damage caused by road hazards including:

  • Repairs or replacement of damaged rim/tire
  • Cost of mounting, balancing and installation.
  • All related taxes & levies

PLUS: covers original or replacement tires and there is no deductible.

Coverage available up to 5 years and unlimited km.

protections tires


Today, vehicles come with technologically advanced keys and remotes, meaning the cost to repair, replace and repair them can be unexpectedly steep.

The platinum key & remote exchange agreement covers the cost associated with:

  • Deprogramming the previous key/remote
  • Purchasing the new key/remote
  • Reprogramming the new key/remote
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